Tobolt Seed offers custom seed conditioning of wheat, barley and soybean seed.  We are a Certified Seed Conditioning plant and a certified Bulk handler as well.
Our seed plant offers the latest in seed cleaning technology to achieve unsurpassed quality.


Seed treatments are becoming a great investment. With the high cost of seed, seed treatments are the best way to help insure your crops full potential.
We offer a fully licensed commercial seed treating facility and offer custom treating of all brands and crops.
Tobolt Seed offers a variety of treatments including, but not limited to:

CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals seed treatment insecticide/fungicide combines the power of four chemistries to deliver a boost to RootingPower in wheat and barley and safeguard seeds, your seedlings and roots from a broad range of seedborne and soilborne diseases, as well as insects. CruiseMaxx Vibrance Cereals helps cereal crops establish stonger, more vigorous roots that help boost crop productivity and increase yield potential.

CruiserMaxx Beans insecticide/fungicide seed treatment protects crops against a wide spectrum of harmful early-season insects and diseases. A combination of the active ingredients found in Cruiser 5FS seed treatment insecticide and Apron XL and Maxim 4FS seed treatment fungicides, CruisMaxx Beans provides protection the moment the seed is planted increasing plant stand, vigor and health for improved yield potential.

SoyRhizo is a low volume, versatile premium liquid inoculant that can be applied on-seed or in-furrow and is available as a ready to use package. SoyRhizo is based on an AGPT (Advanced Growth Promoting Technology) platform, a revolutionary concept in soybean inoculant formulation. This allows SoyRhizo to: 1) encourage greater root nodulation 2) boost higher nitrogen fixation 3) result in healthier plants and better yields 4) enhance overall plant performance.

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